Comparative Privacy Research Network

The challenge
Digital privacy is arguably one of the most important topics of the current times in digital communication. With the growing ubiquity of information and information-based tools and services, privacy has become both a resource and a currency in social, cultural, political, and economic interactions. Yet, the conceptualization of privacy itself is still at the heart of the scholarly debate, especially when viewed from a global, comparative perspective. Conceptions of privacy hold deep, cultural underpinnings, yet these dimensions are often underexplored in research that focuses on how privacy is valued, measured, and enacted. Likewise, researchers are seeking for guidance in order to engage with digital data while at the same time respecting privacy needs of persons involved in their studies. This conceptual plurality, coupled with socio-technical developments, makes comparative privacy research particularly challenging, despite its importance. We invite you to engage with this challenge.

The idea
This initiative was born out of a series of independent studies around the world and conversations that occurred in venues such as the International Communication Association. The goal is to create a sustainable framework for comparative privacy research.

Upcoming events

Date Event Place Information
May, 2022 ICA Pre-Conference Mulhouse Infos/Call for Paper
Fall, 2022 Minerva-Gentner Symposium Jerusalem Coming soon