Getting here

Your flight will most likely arrive at the Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV), which is located in between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. Most flights arrive at Terminal 3, from which you can walk to most ground transportation options. Some flights arrive at Terminal 1, which may require you to take a shuttle to Terminal 3, before you can take any ground transportation. The shuttles run about every 15 minutes.

There are a few transportation options for getting to Jerusalem from the airport:

  • Taxi – There is a taxi station at the airport, where you can get a cab on the first-come-first served basis. A taxi to Jerusalem may cost in the area of 200-350 NIS (60-100EUR). Depending on the time of the day, this trip may take you 40-90 minutes. Note, there is also an option of taking a shared taxi from the airport (see details in the link). One popular app for hailing taxis is Gett (IOS, Android), just pay attention that the pick up spot is at Gate 23 on the 2nd floor (not on the arrivals floor).
  • Train – Overall, this is very convenient and relatively fast (under 30 minutes) way to get to Jerusalem (Yitzhak Navon station). The catch is that it will need a bus, a tram or a taxi to get to your hotel or to campus.
  • Car rental – There are a number of rental options available at the airport and the airport shuttle will take you to the rental points. Renting a car may be especially good if you plan to go sightseeing after the symposium (see Sabbath bellow). Take into account that parking may be sometimes a challenge in most big cities and you will need an app like Pango to pay for street or public parking options. Also, if you plan on driving to campus, please let us know ahead of time, so that we could arrange parking on campus.

Not sure if your Uber/Lyft apps will work in Israel, but the loca alternative would be Gett, which works more or less the same, just with taxies (Apple/Android). One convenient option is ordering a cab in advance, when you need to head to the airport at off hours of the night.