2020 CPRN – Online Workshop

Digital privacy is arguably one of the most important topics of the current times in digital communication. With the growing ubiquity of information and information-based tools and services, privacy has become both a resource and a currency in social, cultural, political, and economic interactions. Yet, the conceptualization of privacy itself is still at the heart of the scholarly debate, especially when viewed from a global, comparative perspective. Conceptions of privacy hold deep, cultural underpinnings, yet these dimensions are often underexplored in research that focuses on how privacy is valued, measured, and enacted. Likewise, researchers are seeking guidance in order to engage with digital data while at the same time respecting privacy needs of persons involved in their studies. This conceptual plurality, coupled with socio-technical developments, makes comparative privacy research particularly challenging, despite its importance. We invite you to engage with this challenge.

The CPRN 2020 Online Workshop will focus on four themes. For each theme, we have prepared questions and challenges that we want to discuss with privacy scholars from around the world in a series of two-hour online live sessions as well as asynchronously on our site. The Online Conference will be structured as follows:

  • Prior to each live session we will post to this website a short video introducing a series of key questions and challenges pertaining to the session’s theme. 
  • In the first part of the live session, invited speakers (see each session below) will respond to these key questions and provide some insights into their own research. 
  • In the second part of the session, we will discuss potential solutions and envision directions towards a comparative privacy research framework
  • The live sessions will be held using ZOOM (the videoconferencing platform). Concurrently, we will leave open a commentary section where all participants of the Online Workshop will be able to share their thoughts on each one of the themes both before and after the live session.

For further information about each session and the respective speakers click on the title of each session below.

Date TimeSessionRegistration
14/05/202016:00 – 18:00
Conceptualizing privacy and capturing its changing nature across cultures
CHAIR: Kelly Quinn
28/05/202016:00 – 18:00
The challenge of measuring privacy across cultural and political contexts
CHAIR: Philipp Masur
11/06/202016:00 – 18:00
Cultural and social boundaries under conditions of “social distancing”
CHAIR: Carsten Wilhelm
24/06/2020 16:30 – 18:30
Privacy after pandemic: Emerging directions in privacy research
CHAIR: Dmitry Epstein

The CPRN 2020 Online Workshop is supported by the The Federmann Cyber Security Center, Cyber Law Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and by the Hebrew University itself.

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