2022 – ICA-Preconference

Comparative Privacy and the Literacies of a Networked Age: A Critical Approach

Endorsed by the following ICA divisions:  Communication & Technology Division, @Communication Law & Policy Division, Children Adolescents and Media and by the French Society of Information and Communication Sciences (SFSIC)

OFF-SITE | Université de Haute-Alsace, UHA’s Campus Fonderie – FSESJ (Faculté des Sciences Economiques Sociales et Juridiques), 16, rue de la Fonderie in Mulhouse

Conference date: May 25 – 9:30 – 17:00 – 2022

Jointly organized by CPRN (Comparative Privacy Research Network, https://comparativeprivacy.org/) in collaboration with CEJEM (Research Network on Youth and Media).

Program: Drawing on previous and ongoing conversations and collaborations, this preconference aims to attend to privacy literacy’s critical comparative nature by bringing together scholars that examine the cultural, political, and otherwise contextualized aspects of privacy literacy. The ultimate goal is to enhance conversation in communication studies about the ways in which systematic comparative cross-cultural analyses of privacy literacy may be conceptualized, theorized, and operationalized in novel ways. This preconference will be organized in two parts: First, keynotes will provide inputs on the central issues and concepts involved such as privacy, comparative research, and media literacy. Secondly, interactive sessions will focus on three main aspects of comparative privacy literacy research, namely: conceptualization, operationalization, and collaboration. These sessions will bring together competitively selected presentations followed by a discussion on the challenges of conceptualizing and operationalizing critical privacy literacy from a cross-cultural perspective. The presentation sessions will be followed by group activities where participants will discuss solutions to particular challenges. This final session will take the form of a guided discussion in the larger group that will build on the diversity of the group in order to consider new, future-oriented research questions and forge future collaborations.


This preconference invites unpublished, innovative papers. See the Call for Paper for more information:


Extended Abstract can be submitted via this Link.